“It can’t be done they say?”

“Why go away to work out?”

“I’d rather sleep than use the hotel gym”

That’s the response you are likely to get if you asked your close friends or family about keeping fit on holiday.

Naturally people do not tend to travel and go on holiday to keep fit but there can be a middle ground that allows for both enjoyment and fitness pleasure.

Speaking from experience I only will utilise the hotel gym on trips that are longer than 3 days. Why? Because on a shorter trip everything will be crammed into a tight schedule whereas a longer trip will have more space.

Examples of Options for Keeping Fit

  • The Hotel Gym: – This is a no brainer really. If the hotel has a decent fitness area with cardio machines and hopefully some free weights then that is all you need.  Twenty to forty minutes per day is all you need to get in a good workout.
  • Walking/Hiking: – If you are averse to the gym but want to limit the holiday weight gain then simply increase periods of walking. Instead of taking a taxi/bus/tram/rickshaw, just walk instead (assuming your destination is of reasonable distance).
  • Better food choices: – This one might not be as easy as the above. Traveling is about the experience of different cultures, foods etc. etc. But if you are conscious of the “calories” then opt for fresh fruits, lean meat. As a rule of thumb try to ensure that your plate is full of lean protein, overflowing with greens and a palm full of starchy carbs.

From my personal point of view I will always walk long distances on shorter trips and ensure I have plenty of water to keep my hydration levels high. As a bodybuilding enthusiast if I am worried about the damage the food is doing to my physique then I will work out in the gym even harder to ensure I can enjoy myself later in the day.

At the end of the day it’s about finding a balance that YOU enjoy.

Travel with H

I’d be interested to know how you manage to keep fit while away wanderlusting around the world? Leave a comment and share the knowledge!