Berlin holds a unique status in world history. Split in two following the end of World War 2, it was the nexus where Communism squared up to Western Capitalism during the Cold War.

As a result of the two ideologies Berlin has evolved from a Royal City under German Imperialist rule into a thriving metropolis with a mix of classical, modern and ecletic architecture.

As the city evolves into the 21st Century the landscape is constantly changing and with it bringing new life. A day in Berlin is a must on any bucket list of destinations to see!

Following on from my recent trip please find a snapshot of Berlin:


Bellvue Schloss – Presidential Seat of Germany

TV Tower standing proud with an awesome blue summer sky

Grosser Stern

Berlin Konzerthaus

The German Reichstag

Berliner Dom

U-Bahn – London Underground take note at the style blending into the surround

Street Art

Berlin House of Representatives

Soviet War Memorial to the Battle of Berlin

Humboltd University

Marble elegance

A reminder of the USSR’s role post WW2

A contrast in architecure in the former East Berlin

Throwback to ye olde days