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My personal journey to obtaining a shiny British Airways Executive Club Gold Card

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Time to hit Gold

And 8 months after setting off to achieve BA Executive Club status I’m 440 Tier Points off GOLD!

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Road to Gold update

It’s been a while but a lot has happened during the month of February.

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Final Tier Point Run – Tallinn

Back in November 2017 I undertook my first ever Tier Point Run to Tallinn via Helsinki on Finnair. A week after landing from Hong Kong it was time to repeat the Tallinn trip.

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Road to Gold – December 2017 Update

Step 1 on the Road to Gold was attaining British Airways Executive Club Bronze. I achieved this back in November 2017 after flying to Tallinn on the £232 Business Class fare with Finnair under BA flight codes.

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Road To Gold – Update

…it’s official! I’m on the first step of the British Airways Executive Club Status ladder by reaching Bronze!

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Breaking my Finnair-inity

It finally happened…

After months of anticipation and planning I finally completed my Tier Point run on Finnair to Helsinki and Tallinn.

This trip also marked my debut trip report over on my YouTube channel Helsinki Trip Report.

Anyway let’s rewind back to the first flight of the trip, flying on the Airbus A320 from Terminal 3 to Helsinki Vantaa.

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To Tallinn We Go…

…6 days and counting!

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24 Hours in Istanbul – Part 2

Wandering around Sultanahmet after seeing the incredible sights of the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque and the Hippodrome had created a big appetite for myself.

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Challenge Accepted…

The ‘Road To Gold’…

begins in 14 hours’ time when I walk through a cold autumnal morning into Terminal 5 to begin the Road To Gold with the first stop being Istanbul.

What is the ‘Road to Gold’?

That’s the name of the next set of trips which are being taken to collect Tier Points for the British Airways Executive Club to progress up the tier of the frequent flyer club.

I’ll be starting from the lowest tier which is called Blue. Over the next 3 months I aim to reach Bronze, Silver and finally Gold before the end of my membership year in September 2018.

Upcoming Destinations

  • Istanbul;
  • Tallin via Helsinki;
  • Budapest;
  • Hong Kong;
  • Tallin via Helsinki again;
  • Istanbul;
  • Bangkok (via the longest routing possible of London – Amsterdam – London – Hong Kong – Bangkok).

Economy or Business Class?

To maximise the Tier Point earning potential the above trips have been booked into Business Class cabins (where available). For example Istanbul on BA Club Europe nets 160 Tier Points whereas Euro Traveller only nets 40 (depending on how flexible your ticket is which can then increase to 80 Tier Points return).

Wouldn’t it be EXPENSIVE?

Yes and No. No matter which cabin I book myself into there will always be a cost. The cheapest tickets (non-refundable and restricted) would be likely to be found in Economy but as seen above there is a trade off with the number of Tier Points available.  So savings in cash would result in missed opportunities for Tier Point maximisation.

There are several tricks to booking premium cabin travel (First or Business). One way is to start a flight in Continental Europe. This can knock off thousands in one go as there will be the inconvenience of connecting through London and a lower APD payable for transit passengers.

I will go into more detail on how to save in later posts.

Why do you want to reach Gold?

Reaching the upper tiers of the Executive Club opens up the possibilities of ‘perks’ available to those within that level. Namely:

  • Lounge Access (Business Class or First Class depending on Silver or Gold level);
  • Increased Avios earning rates (+50% for Silver and +100 for Gold);
  • Extra Baggage allowance (handy if you have a large family);
  • Dedicated customer service lines for ‘Status’ members etc…

But for me I want to reach Gold not for those reasons BUT to prove to myself that I COULD, with determination, aim high and succeed.

I only hold a regular office job, through activity on Flyertalk Forums and Avios miles collecting I am now able to fly in Premium Cabins without paying Premium Cabins.

Good Luck!

See you in Istanbul!

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Planning for Istanbul

Few months ago while bored at work I came across a super cheap business class ticket for Istanbul for £160.00 return.

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