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My personal journey to obtaining a shiny British Airways Executive Club Gold Card

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Time to hit Gold

And 8 months after setting off to achieve BA Executive Club status I’m 440 Tier Points off GOLD!

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Six Reasons To Visit Hong Kong

Stuck for holiday inspiration? STOP!

Look no further than Hong Kong. A former British Colony, Hong Kong has thrived under two different political regimes to become a must see destination.


1. Views From The Air

Flying into Hong Kong International Airport provides gorgeous views of the idyllic islands dotted around the peninsula. Get the camera ready to capture the views to brag home about

2. Food, Food and More Food

Food! Hong Kong is a foodie paradise. At every turn in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, the districts are packed with foodie places. From Dim Sum, to Fusion to American Fast Food, Hong Kong is guaranteed to leave you satisfied. Oh and Michelin star grade Dim Sum at Tim Ho Wan…worth it.

3. Romance

Hong Kong is perfect for those seeking a romantic getaway BUT away from the clich├ęd destinations of lurve. Stand on Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade and take in the daily ‘Symphony of Lights’ show set against the stunning skyscrapers, it is romantic (or maybe I was the weirdo who found it romantic).

4. Experience The Good and The Seedy

Hong Kong has a good side and a very not so good side. Step into Wan Chai at night and discover a new world where seediness crosses paths with ex-pat workers. A trip would not be complete without a night out in Hennessey.

5. Christmas Without Snow

Christmas without the snow. Nothing will bamboozle your mind than taking a trip during December to see Hong Kong decked out in festive decorations, Christmas is taken very seriously so get ready to see glitzy Christmas Trees at every corner.

6.A Luxury Treat

Travelling to Hong Kong is not cheap so view it as a luxury treat from your daily life. Just dream of sipping champagne as you fly to Hong Kong and continue to sip in the glamorous bars dotted around the island.

Feeling inspired? Then visit google and book your trip now!

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Please leave your comments and share your favourite Hong Kong moments below.


Central-Mid Level Escalators in Hong Kong Island

A story of engineering marvel, a 20th century feat of brilliance.

Back in the 1990s, then then Colonial Hong Kong Government constricted the worlds largest covered outdoor walkway system in Central Hong Kong Island.

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Star Ferry Hong Kong

It’s on National Geographic’s bucket list of things to do on vacation…

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Merry Christmas To You

Ho Ho Ho readers! Merry Christmas as the red jolly old fat man would say.

Thank you for being a part of my readership, this is the first Christmas of many more to come.

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1881 Heritage

Location: Tsim Sha Tsui

Walking through Tsim Sha Tsui towards the Star Ferry Terminal I stumbled into the Former Marine Police Headquarters which has been transformed into 1881 Heritage.

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Hong Kong MTR Video

A brief video of riding the MTR in Hong Kong:

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Wan Chai – The good and bad of Hong Kong

My first port of call after landing into Hong Kong International Airport was the historic, vibrant and must see seedy district of Wan Chai.

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