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My personal journey to obtaining a shiny British Airways Executive Club Gold Card

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Time to hit Gold

And 8 months after setting off to achieve BA Executive Club status I’m 440 Tier Points off GOLD!

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22 days and counting

First of all apologies for the lack of regular posts but real life sadly got in the way. Adulting is hard work, I think I deserve time off after the last 2 months of HELL!

In 22 days time I will be starting my final Tier point trip to hit BAEC Gold!! Those 440 Tier Points cannot come quickly enough.

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Road to Gold update

It’s been a while but a lot has happened during the month of February.

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How I Plan My Trips

My friends and colleagues alike always ask, “how do you choose your next destination?”

There isn’t one answer, a lot of different factors come into play when I sit down to plan the next country to visit.

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Final Tier Point Run – Tallinn

Back in November 2017 I undertook my first ever Tier Point Run to Tallinn via Helsinki on Finnair. A week after landing from Hong Kong it was time to repeat the Tallinn trip.

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Road to Gold – December 2017 Update

Step 1 on the Road to Gold was attaining British Airways Executive Club Bronze. I achieved this back in November 2017 after flying to Tallinn on the £232 Business Class fare with Finnair under BA flight codes.

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Budapest or Bust

I’m sat at the Premium Platinum Lounge at Budapest reflecting on one hell of a hectic day yesterday.

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Next stop Budapest


After 3 weeks off where I felt majorly sick and had to go on antibiotics for my god damn ear infection I’m finally fit to fly.

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Road To Gold – Update

…it’s official! I’m on the first step of the British Airways Executive Club Status ladder by reaching Bronze!

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