Previously on the Road To Gold…

I started 2018 at 1000 Tier Points which gave me the REAL chance of aiming to get to the Gold Tier. That’s a better chance than achieving a hard Brexit (Whoops got too political there!).

Avios and Tier Point balance at the start of 2018

Only needed 400 odd Tier Points to achieve this, would be a piece of cake right?


I think the Aviation Gods finally got me back as I became disastrously sick on the flights back from Thailand. At one point I was standing at the gate at Bangkok shivering uncontrollably which got the Cathay Pacific gate agents very very nervous.

Having used my shivering charm I was allowed to board to Hong Kong and the finish line was in sight. Except now my body decided to turn on the blast furnace and traded in the shivers for tropical sweats. Who knew that shivering would be missed this much…

I had decided to see a doctor at Hong Kong and slumped through flight connections before remembering the Qantas Lounge was accessible to me and perked me right up again. Something about Australia and Qantas in particular that cheers me up, anyway in the QF Lounge I made the very very very very bad choice to have some Aussie Sparkling Wine. Three sips in and my body remembers it’s not well and drains me of any colour (as an Indian that’s hard to achieve) and the tank of energy goes to zero.

That walk to down to the gate from the QF lounge and board BA32 was the hardest walk I’ve taken in my life. 3 times I thought I was going to faint on the escalator. The stupidest thing is that I tried to film a trip report while #dying.

Eventually on board the shivers returned after the plane started the taxi to the runway meaning I could breath a sigh of relief and pray that the 12 hours would not result in my death, 3 White Company blankets did not warm me up but my mind was stubborn enough to get to the UK.

And get to the UK I did!

Which means I gained the Tier Points for that last leg and:

I’m GOLD baby!

I can proudly call myself British Airways Executive Club Gold. It only took me 10 months to achieve but I finally nailed the goal I wanted to achieve for a long time.

While I’m still waiting on the physical tags and card (BA it’s been 2 months now c’mon!) I can finally sit back and relax.

Does this mean I will revert to flying “normal” routings? Hell NO!

This is just the start of my adventures with the shiny Gold Card…

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