I won’t lie, I only booked Bangkok back in August 2017 due to the extremely cheap BA Club World ticket that I stumbled across on ITA Matrix. The lure of 440 Tier Points was my primary motivation to book Bangkok.

What was I expecting?

Good question mate, I boarded my flight from Hong Kong with a slight trepidation which I had not experienced on my travels to date. The trepidation came from the lack of prep I had done.

Arriving in Bangkok

Soon after arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport, which is actually pronounced Soowannapu Airport (I don’t get it either), I found myself panicking at the Visa on Arrival forms that were being brandished by agents at everyone.

Wait… did I, as a UK Citizen, need a Visa???

Uh oh!

The lack of free Wifi at the airport only added to the clusterfuck in my mind. I couldn’t Google my way out of this potential trouble it seems.

I decided to risk it and just stepped into the VIP Immigration channel and awaited my fate.

Luckily for me as a UK Citizen I didn’t need a Visa so I worried for no reason. That’s a grey hair I won’t be able to get back!

It was off to the hotel to have a stiff drink and relax.

Exploring Bangkok

After a well earned sleep (flying London – Amsterdam – London – Hong Kong – Bangkok will tire you out), I walked to the concierge at my hotel and asked for the trusty tourist map.

The tourist map is the only thing you need when visiting any city overseas, helpfully the major sights are nicely marked out saving you the hassle of locating the ‘must-see’ sights.

Bangkok’s main primary tourist attractions are the Grand Palace and the Buddhist temples featuring the Buddha in various forms and poses. I will be doing a separate post on this so we will skip to the next set of sights.

First Stop

Keeping the theme of religion, the Sikh Temple in Bangkok is actually the largest outside of India in this region. It was rebuilt by the local Sikh population into a grandiose temple fit for worship.

The Gold Dome of the Gurdwara

The Sri Guru Granth Sahib residing inside the Gurdwara

Riding the Tuk Tuk

It’s like riding a very slow Formula One car I told myself. I wasn’t drunk nor high but that is the feeling one gets when you set foot into the tuk tuk.

Nimble, small and tourist friendly

The tuk tuks are presented in colourful paints and grab the attention of the Western Farangs that the drivers pray upon.

Word of warning, in Sukhumvit the tuk tuk’s were not cheap at all by Thai currency standards. I paid 500 baht for a short journey in Sukhumvit yet in the downtown district I paid a driver 100 baht for a 3 hour tour!

The Food

“Don’t eat the street food unless you want to be sick.”

I could have made £100 if I was paid £1.00 everytime I heard this phrase directed at me. Ok I did get sick on my last day after said street food but that was bad luck.

Bangkok is blessed with a wide array of food and different types of cuisine.

Massman Chicken and Potato Curry

Thai food is obviously well represented, you cannot visit Bangkok and not eat any Thai cuisine. What would be the point of that then?

Being an Asian city, Japanese food is also well represented.

Teriyaki Chicken anyone?

You cannot go wrong here in Bangkok, if you love to eat then you will find what you are looking for.

Just don’t visit McDonalds, do not be that tourist! … except if you are drunk then keep it under wraps.


The lure of Bangkok is that the city surprises you at every turn. I have not been to a city that combines residential areas with historic landmarks seamlessly. Each block has it’s own story and slowly it is beginning to disappear as more shopping malls start taking over, especially in Sukhumvit.

Bangkok will scare you and relax you with tranquility at the same time.

You have to see it to believe it.

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