What can I say about Phuket that has not already been said by so many others.Phuket is the party capital of Thailand. Across the numerous bars that line the streets, you will find locals, expats, tourists from every part of the world.

Patong Beach

Patong Beach is one of the main beaches on this island. Staying at the SwissĂ´tel meant Patong Beach was my nearest public beach.

As you can see from my picture above, it’s picturesque white sand, palm trees and crystal clear blue water.

Bangla Road

The road that never stops partying. Bangla Road is full of strip bars, to go bars, nightclubs, street food vendors, street performers and much more!

If you want to avoid the seedy parts of the road then head to Illusion which is one of the best clubs on the island. Inside you’ll find an impressive DJ set up and ambience here lively after 00:00. On my first night I dragged myself out at 5am to avoid getting jet lagged back onto UK time.


Patong and Phuket is home to food and lots of it! Being a tourist destination there’s more emphasis on western food over Thai which I find to be a shame.

The Massaman Chicken and peanut curry was my favourite dish from a rare Thai restaurant that didn’t look like it would give western tourists the dodgy belly.

If you’re a fan of Japanese food then Kazu is located at the entrance to Bangla Road where I enjoyed two main dishes to fulfil my holiday guilting to the max.

Island Tours

Dotted across the island are tour groups selling tickets to James Bond Island, Phi Phi under a range of packages designed to extract the maximum baht from the tourists. On this occasion I declined to do the tour owing to a short itinerary I had booked. Next time maybe…


Phuket and Patong lived up to the hype surrounding the destination. I arrived full of jet lag owing to my long multi stop flight (worth it for the Tier Points) and will leave revitalised despite being partying and eating like crazy!

Phuket I will see you again!

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