Imagine being told that you could travel to Australia without any stopovers?

Well now you can!

Qantas QF9 departed from Perth this morning bound for the 14,500km journey towards London Heathrow. The flight time is estimated to be 17 hours which makes it the second longest flight by mileage (Qatar Airways holds the longest flight for Doha to Auckland).

The route map on FlightRadar shows the impressive journey being undertaken from the Southern Hemisphere. Passing over the Indian Ocean islands, India, Iran before turning over Turkey for Europe and London.

I found 13 hours in Business Class to test my mental strength on my recent trip to Hong Kong aboard Cathay Pacific, I feel for those in economy for 17 hours on QF9.

As technology improves aeroplanes will start to fly further, the next frontier is to reach Melbourne or Sydney non stop which is not feasible using the current generation civil airframes.

Qantas at the same time have also axed the Dubai stopover for QF1/2 to Sydney and gone back to Singapore which was the old stopover during the Qantas/British Airways Joint-Venture.

After a tough few years Qantas have finally started their climb back to the big leagues with a bold new route and financial strength to ditch Dubai and bring their partnership with Emirates to a more equal footing.

Welcome back Flying Kangaroo!

Now to book Perth for 2019 maybe…

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