It’s been a while but a lot has happened during the month of February.

After the January blues of zero flights and adjusting back to reality, February was a good change in direction.

I entered 2018 with 920 Tier Points which put me comfortable ahead in BAEC Silver. Well I officially have 1080 Tier Points and I broke the 100,000 Avios Points barrier.

I’m now in uncharted territory, I didn’t plan to actually cross the 1000 TP barrier as it seemed to be a distant dream and also a big financial ask with the cost of booking Business Class fares from London.

With 420 Tier Points to Gold I have confirmed my next long haul travel plans. I’ve booked a mini Tier Point run trip to….Bangkok! To maximise the returns I will be positioning to Amsterdam with British Airways before starting my 440 Tier Point adventure with a routing of Amsterdam – London – Hong Kong – Bangkok.

The upcoming trip also marks the return to Club World, the last 5 years I’ve travelled long haul with Oneworld partners Qantas, Cathay Pacific, it marks a return to where it all began with my first ever long haul business class flight to Washington in 2010.

Now let the planning begin!

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