Brrrrrrr it’s a bit cold!

Welcome to Tallinn Travel With H!

As part of the Tallinn Tier Point Run I decided to stay in the city and explore the Baltic region in their winter.

The hotel that I chose was the Tallink City Hotel, located down in the centre of the city it was a five minute walk from the historic old town.

Walking into the Old Town of Tallinn and you will enter through the Viru Gates. The Viru Gate dates back to the 14th Century and the local authorities have glammed it up for Christmas with lights that compliment it rather well.

The entire Tallinn Old Town is actually a UNESCO world heritage site, within Europe it is one of a few cities to retain the medieval layout in full.

What impressed me the most upon entering was not the McDonalds hidden behind the wall BUT the subtle decorating for Christmas with minimal lights which did not detract from the ancient townscape.

Every city around the world has a Christmas Market and Tallinn was no exception.

The panoramic pic above captures the spirit of Christmas with the centrepiece of the Christmas tree in the centre of the square.

The stalls were full with local crafts, wine and delicacies with better prices than “German Christmas” markets in the UK and Germany. Even in Euros it worked out to be a bargain.

It was a shame that I only had 7 hours in Tallinn, with hindsight a proper weekend was needed to explore this magnificent part of the world.

I think 2018 May well see another trip back to the Baltic…

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