Back in November 2017 I undertook my first ever Tier Point Run to Tallinn via Helsinki on Finnair. A week after landing from Hong Kong it was time to repeat the Tallinn trip.

The business class flight from London to Helsinki was in Finnair’s Eurobusiness configuration which is hardly nothing to shout home about.

The highlight of this flight was the frozen meal I was served by the cabin crew and took 20 minutes to get them to come back out to collect and reheat the meal.

Frozen Business Class Meal

At first I thought it must be a Finnish way of eating it cold but unluckily for me it was not the case. An official complaint will be on its way to Finnair Customer Services as I ate a few bites while frozen. My poor stomach!

Upon reaching Tallinn and all was forgiven for the earlier frozen breakfast fiasco.

Tallinn, for a Eastern European destination is woefully undersold to the tourists of Western Europe.

A stroll through the Old Town, which is a UNESCO world heritage site, quickly captures the imagination to hark back to a romantic imagination of 13th century Tallinn.

The Old Town Square hosts the Christmas Market with a huge Christmas tree at the centre of this attraction.

The city is cheap despite using the Euro as it’s currency, the taxi to and from the airport cost roughly 3-6 Euros max through Uber. Uber back in London wanted 17 pounds to take me from Terminal 4 to Terminal 3. I’m not even joking.

The Tier Point Run has wetted my appetite for this magnificent quaint little city and looks like a longer trip in 2018 beckons.

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