On Friday 1 December 2017 I landed into Heathrow Airport from Budapest and walked into one of the best Business Classes available within the Oneworld alliance of airlines.

Cathay Pacific has Business Class cabins split in two on the Boeing 777-300ER. The front cabin located behind First Class is only two rows deep which makes it very intimate. However the galley is located behind so the noise levels can outweigh the private nature of this particular cabin.

The main cabin is immiediately after the galley and offers good levels of privacy thanks to the type of seat Cathay use. The seats are the Cirrus Business Class seat found on Finnair and American Airlines but has been customised heavily with better emphasis on privacy.

Long Haul Home

The seat is finished in a deep green to reflect the Cathay Pacific brand colours. The wings on the end at head level give more privacy by blocking out the aisle from your eye-line. This means you can’t see your neighbour without standing up to peek.

The seats are arranged in a reverse herringbone alignment. The seats either side of the middle row face inwards, the middle seats are also angled inwards towards each other too.

I filmed a full trip report of this trip which is now live on my YouTube channel. Click this link to see more.

The main selling point for booking business class aside from the quality champagne served without limits is the opportunity to turn the seat into a bed and have a good nights sleep. We’ve all tried to sleep in economy which only succeeds in getting your neck cricked in pain!

Once in lie flat mode the bed is spacious and importantly more comfortable than one would expect. Cathay Pacific do not hand out mattress pads unlike other airlines but the seat is well cushioned to render a mattress redundant.

Another hidden gem of Cathay Pacific is the ability on some routes to order a burger mid-flight…yes you’ve read that correctly, an actual burger with fries is served to your table regardless of the time!

How cute is the tiny bottle of Heinz ketchup! The fries were baked to perfection and the burger melted in my mouth…9 months of anticipation and it did not disappoint!

After experiencing this level of service I don’t think Flying will ever be the same for me again…

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