I’m sat at the Premium Platinum Lounge at Budapest reflecting on one hell of a hectic day yesterday.I flew into Budapest in Euro Traveller on an Avios Redemption to position out to start the first leg of my flight to Hong Kong the following morning (aka today).

The flight was uneventful bar my ears giving me grief as the infection still hasn’t cleared, luckily no rupture of the drum (but doctors did clear my to fly so I can sue the NHS for negligence anyway).

What was eventful was the fact that British Airways booked my hotel room in the wrong persons name meaning my reservation was denied at check in…

At this point I had a mini panic thinking that I’ll be sitting at the airport with 12 hours to kill but some quick thinking and one angry phone call to BA holidays I got my room.

This took so much time that I only had 2 hours to wander Budapest in the freezing cold before turning in for the night.

Long term readers will know that I specialise in the crazy condensed itinerary’s such as Berlin and Istanbul, but even for me this was ridiculous.

Nevertheless I managed to capture quality videos and images of Buda Castle, Xmas Markets and Fashion Street.

I think I need to revisit Budapest properly next year, looks like another trip just may have planned itself 😉

Have a look at the pics below:

Please comment and share your thoughts on future Budapest trip ideas!

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