That annoying part of life when you catch a cold days from your next trip away 🙁

Well there’s ways of mitigating the cold and survive a flight without wanting to curl up and die!

Travel With H 5 tips for surviving:

  1. Drink lots of water and remain well hydrated. Alcohol doesn’t count.
  2. Eat a lot of vitamin C in fruits.
  3. Prior to a flight use a nasal spray to tame the sinus and protect your ears from the pressure.
  4. Once in the air maximise your sleep. Would you rather watch a film while coughing + spluttering or maximise sleep to feel better later on down the line?
  5. Avoid alcohol in the air. Sorry.
  6. Limit stressing to a minimum, too much cortisol isn’t beneficial.
  7. Eating foods with lots of chilli is my unofficial H tip (then again I’m of indian decent and we do love our spice).

For the last week I’ve been battling tonsillitis which unfortunately spread into my ear as a secondary infection as well. If your symptoms aren’t improving then go see a doctor!

I’ll be following my own tips tomorrow when I fly to Budapest, fingers crossed my ears and throat make it in one piece…

Travel With H