Boeing has the Dreamliner.

Airbus has the Cross Wide Body.

The new generation of planes for the future.

It’s the 787 v A350.

I managed to cross the A350 off my list!

The return flight back from Helsinki to London on 5th November 2017 at 8am Nordic time was scheduled with the A350 on the rotation.

A long haul aircraft flying short haul? YES! Long haul business class on a short flight? YES YES!

Isn’t that a beaut?

The Zodiac Business Class Seat is configured in a reverse herringbone pattern on Finnair. The window seats face the window while the aisle pair face inwards, hence the reserve herringbone name.

The perks of this layout is the privacy that is afforded when you sit down. American Airline and Cathay Pacific both use the same seat but modified for extra privacy.

Finnair have created a Nordic inspired colour palette on board their aircraft. The cabin of neutral whites and greys is broken up by the colourful soft furnishing developed by Marimekko.

The seat has ample leg room which is key for a long flight.

Aside from the storage area under the ottoman the seat also contains deep storage bins on the aisle side.

Finnair prior to departure use the modern mood lighting, the picture above shows the cool Nordic mood set prior to departure. Note the lack of overheard bins in the middle, it creates a sense of space rarely found in aircraft where space is a premium.

For the past 6 months I was so excited to fly on the A350 that when the plane took off I promptly dozed off as soon as the seat belt sign was turned off.

The flat bed was comfortable, even without a blanket I was cozy which I found to be shocking as I never fall asleep on planes!

Luckily for me I’ve booked myself to fly Finnair again in December with the return leg again on the A350 barring any equipment changes. A full flight review will be on the cards for then.

I’ll leave you with a video of the take off shot on my iPhone 7 Plus from Helsinki.

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