It finally happened…

After months of anticipation and planning I finally completed my Tier Point run on Finnair to Helsinki and Tallinn.

This trip also marked my debut trip report over on my YouTube channel Helsinki Trip Report.

Anyway let’s rewind back to the first flight of the trip, flying on the Airbus A320 from Terminal 3 to Helsinki Vantaa.

Taking the early morning train to London with my new Canon G7Xii camera I arrived at Heathrow full of excitement to try out my new camera.

After spending an hour filming the planes take off from the vantage point in Terminal 2, I arrived at Terminal 3 and collected the boarding passes for each leg of my trip.

As I had business class tickets I was able to enter the fast track security and bypass the World Duty Free section and walk straight to the Cathay Pacific Lounge.

The Cathay Pacific Lounge is/was Finnair’s preferred lounge but my ticket showed the No.1 Lounge invitation instead. Lucky I had been on Flyertalk and got the confirmation from the fellow Tier Point Runners that the Oneworld Lounge rules were in place meaning I could use this lounge.

After the warm welcome from the lounge dragon it was straight to the noodle bar that the Cathay Lounges are famous for.

The steamed chicken bun and chicken rice I selected from the noodle bar was so good I went back for seconds. Yup I’m greedy!

A large meal obviously called for a drink and it was off to the bar where I asked the gentleman to crack open the bottle of Mo├ęt to toast the upcoming flight.

I really liked the attention to detail in this lounge, not only was the interior decor designed to enhance the warm relaxing ambiance, the Cathay swoosh on the champagne flute was an extra nice touch (one most airlines wouldn’t think of).

Just before leaving the lounge I smelt the aroma of butter chicken so it was time for my third meal of the afternoon! Thick chunks of chicken gave the lounge a rare thumbs up.

It was time to head to the gate and start the first leg of this journey.

Arriving at Gate 25 it was a speedy boarding thanks to the priority boarding afforded with the ticket.

For this flight I selected seat 1A which was a bulkhead seat meaning ample leg room.

The Finnair crew were lovely, much more warm in their on board greeting than their alliance counterparts over at British Airways (take note BA to not piss off crews with pay disputes etc).

Soon after take off the crew sprung into action moments after the captain turned the seat belt sign off. For the bar run I decided to live a little and selected the Joseph Perrier champagne to start with.

Reading the bottle the label proudly referenced the association with Queen Victoria and apparently it was her favourite champagne. Well if it’s good enough for Queen Vic then it’s good enough for me.

As soon as the glass was empty the crew efficiently moved onto serving the dinner. For the flight it was a choice of pork or pasta. I chose the pork as airline pasta still frightens me.

Airline food is always hit and miss, it’s either good or really bad. On this occasion I thought it was going to be bad when I saw presentation of the food BUT Was delicious! I particularly liked the mini chocolates as the dessert which fitted in nicely for a short flight.

With the meal over it was time to descend into Helsinki, for a 2 hour flight I was well fed and watered. It made up for the lack of in-flight entertainment that lacks on the European routes.

With 80 Tier Points safely in my account it was time to head to Tallinn…

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