Who am I?

Well blowing off the anonymity that was planned originally, I am Harjit!

Since a young age I’ve always been fascinated with Aviation, the happiest memories growing up were the trips to Heathrow Airport where the fascination with the Boeing 747 started a love affair that continues to this day.

To fund my travels I work as a Paralegal for an international legal and accountancy consultancy.

Originally I had planned to gain my licenses and qualify as a pilot but life doesn’t work as easy as that. I was lucky enough to survive a horrific assault which broke my skull and jaw so automatically barred me under CAA rules to work as a commercial pilot.

After a few glum years I had my lightbulb moment to fulfil my passion in other ways so here I am. I’ve spent the last 3 years awakening my passion.

As a few of my colleagues suggested I ought to write a blog and ‘bore’ someone else for a change.

I’m known as the ‘Travel Guy’ at work, the running joke is whether I’m flying out on the weekend or staying at home.

Before the world of luxury travel became a reality I was always the lucky recipient of being upgraded at the gate. I’ve experienced Club World on British Airways, Upper Class on Virgin Atlantic, Premium Economy on American Airlines before the streak ended in 2013 (my last trip to New York).

Since then I’ve learnt about the world of air miles, magical routings and ITA Matrix to make luxury travel a reality.

The focus of this blog is to share my travel experience from the airport to the destination in my own unique way. Countless blogs exist on the internet but many do not share the experience with the reader. Hopefully I can create that excitement as if you were joining me in person on my travels.