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One Morning in Berlin (Part 5)


Berlin, Germany


03 August 2017

Part 5

It was a weird transition walking into the municipal boundary of Charlottenburg, the green of the Tiergartern gave way into the suburban life of Berlin. I even managed to walk past the Berlin office of my company along the way.

Luckily there was a river path that allowed for a slightly more scenic route towards Charlottenburg Schloss.

Perfect summer day to walk beside the river

At this point my iPhone health tracker estimated that I had already walked 13 kilometres which explained why my knee’s and feet were starting to ache but I was determined to carry on through to the Schloss.

Eventually the river gave way to the road which led me straight to the RatHaus (or town hall before images of rats in a house start to appear in your mind).

Charlottenburg Rathaus

What left me impressed with the building was the clock tower and the stone work had exquisite detailing.

Detailing in the stonework

So far this was by far the most German building that I had encountered, the architecture on show reflected historic Prussia which unlike the other building already encoutnered would not have felt out of place in any major European city.

And finally I arrived at the last tourist spot of the day!!!

Charlottenburg Schloss

When I booked this trip to Berlin I did not even consider visiting Charlottenburg, it was the hotel staff who drew a circle on the map for me and insisted that I visit.

To be brutally honest the Schloss was a let down. Why? Well the palace is currently going through renovation work which is not being done in a tourist friendly manner. I struggled to take pictures for this site without seeing dirt, construction materials on show to ruin a pic.

Schloss Gardens – the bare spots were a reminder of the renovations taking place

Only until I walked to the back of the Schloss did the palace redeem itself in my eyes. Like all grand Royal Palaces of Europe, the gardens were the main event with lawns, flowers, water features installed to heighten the importance of the home for the then rulers.

Palace Gardens

One positive of the gardens were the tranquility and peace afforfed even amongst the hordes of tourists. After being on the road for nearly 5 hours I finally relaxed on a bench and let my feet have a well earned break.

River flowing behind the Palace – perfect spot to snooze


I left at 10 am from Alexanderplatz in my quest to wander Berlin in an attempt to see the major sights in one fell swoop.

Did I achieve my aim? I think so!

This was my second visit to Berlin (first time being on school trips) and covered far more of the city alone than previous.

For my first ever blog post it has been a challenge to write up in a manner that would be entertaining, informative but importantly captured my voice instead.

Thank you to those who have commented on my previous entries!

Now what’s this I hear about Istanbul…

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Challenge Accepted…


  1. thanks for sharing such gorgeous photos – how far are you from earning your British Airways Executive Club Gold Card?

    • Hgill68

      Thank you for the kind words! My year reset in September started back at 0 with the aim to hit gold in May 2018. I just finished a mini trip to Istanbul (which I have just uploaded onto the site) so i am now on 160 Tier Points now.

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