I have three passions in life. Travelling, Bodybuilding and Formula One Motor Racing.

Well in Singapore I was allowed to mix all three passions in one trip.

Back in May 2017 I visited Singapore for 6 days flying via Dubai testing out Qantas QF2 Economy before switching to Emirates (that’ll be the topic of a separate blog post).

Now when I booked the trip I forgot that in a few months Singapore would be hosting the round 14 of the Formula One World Championship (sounding slightly like Murray Walker here whoops).

Singapore as a destination has gotten popular on the back of hosting this race, it was the first and only night race which has helped to glamourise the City State on par with Monaco (who also host a famous GP).

The Circuit is set on the roads of Singapore around Marina Bay, Raffles Boulevard, Nicol Highway, City Hall and the Singapore Flyer. The result is an impressive background shimmering at night with fast cars at the forefront.

Watching this race year in, year out provided an opportunity to get familiar with Singapore. Normally people use travel guides to learn about a new city but I used Formula One instead.

Walking over the bridge from Marina Bay Sands I found the road to be familiar, going under the freeway I spotted red and white kerbs which could mean one thing… I was on the race track!

Have you ever stood on pole position? Chances are no as most people wouldn’t have. Sadly access to majority of the circuits is rare to the public unless track days or corporate hospitality are available at a huge cost!

Having stumbled into my form of heaven I decided to walk the track.

The pit-lane and the start/finish line are located across the river from Marina Bay Sands under the Singapore Flyer. When the grandstands aren’t in situ the area doesn’t hold any appeal in terms of views.

Walking through the complex and onto Raffles Boulevard toward the skyscrapers is where it starts to get interesting. Tall glass office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, landmarks await as you follow the layout of the Circuit.

The Fullerton Hotel (pictured above), Singapore Gallery, Victoria Theatre, Merlion are just a few sights that await.

Simply following the Circuit layout over my tourist map worked out perfectly in the end, seeing the Fullerton Hotel at night with the Merlion in the foreground remains my favourite holiday memory.

If you’re looking at new ways to explore a City then maybe take inspiration for any sporting events that might be associated with the city.

After a long walk in humidity…

Even now a few months later I still find it very surreal to have been on the same roads and piece of tarmac that my hero’s grace. 10 years after seeing Singapore on TV for the first time in my life, I finally fulfilled a dream of visiting Singapore.

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