Berlin, Germany


03 August 2017


Part 4

The Bellevue Schloss didn’t appear to be as popular as the other spots I had visited so far on my morning travel which seemed harsh on the venue. The white of the Schloss set against the midst of greenery of the Tiergarten provided a good contrast for the pictures.

Back through the Tiergarten and within 2 minutes I encountered one of the grandest roundabouts/traffic junctions that I guess I will probably encounter (if I ignore Paris and the Arc De Triumphe).

Fancy roundabout

Berlin Victory Column is located at the intersection known as Groβer Stern. On the top stands with  Godess Victoria greeting motorists on their journey around the city’s roads. Originally built in 1873, Victoria and the Column relocated to the to Groβer Stern in 1939.  (This ironically saved the column from destruction from American bombing raids in 1945.)

Victoria’s closeup

Strasse des 17 Juni had a collection of statues of historical figures of Prussia and Modern day Germany.

Watching the car’s going past

Very statue-esq

Workmen renovating Bismark

Strasse des 17.Juni was originally known as Charlottenburger Chaussee but was renamed to commemorate workers who fought in an uprising in East Berlin in 1953.

To enter Charlottenburg the Tiergarten gave way to the industrial concrete jungle lining the road but provided for an elegent gateway into the historic city.

The back of Charlottenburg Tor

Unlike the Brandenburg Gate, the Charlottenburg Gate had more accessible ornate decorative statues on the approach.

Detailing on the Gate (Princess Sophie Charlotte)

Look at the picture above to see the fine detailing on the bottom of the outfit.

There is no doubt this would not be found in modern day commissions.

Going through the gate I found myself in Charlottenburg…

Coming soon

Part 5

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