Berlin, Germany


03 August 2017

Part 3

Moving swiftly on from the Brandenburg Gate and, oddly, a hoard of clowns that had been selling balloons at the gate (random right!) I ventured into the vast Tiergarten.

The Tiergarten is literally a large garden in the middle of Berlin. Imagine London’s Hyde Park or New York’s Central Park to understand the vastness of the site. For me it gave me the opportunity to move through the city towards Charlottenburg in relative peace and tranquility.

Follow the grey bricked road

Greenery in the middle of Berlin

Now my original plan was to walk through the Tiergarten heading towards Charlottenburg but as is in life nothing ever goes to plan. I spotted a circular glass dome to my right so naturally my curiosity got the better of me. What was it you ask? Well it was the Reichstag!

Visually stunning German Reichstag

The Reichstag is the German Parliament and ranks alongside the UK Westminister Palace as seats of Government that stands alone as an imposing piece of architecture.

In history the Reichstag has had a few rough bumps along the way, Hitler famously burnt the building to the ground before assuming power. Fortunately the building has been rebuilt and stands well into the 21st century. Most noteworthy part of the Reichstag is the new glass dome that was added recently. Luckily the new addition compliments the building and as a bonus Berlin now has another place to get great views of the city!

Walking back to the Tiergarten I got the map out to plot my next camera worthy destination.

Eis helps in plotting the next destination

Hidden deep in the middle of the Tiergarten was the Bellvue Schloss. The schloss of palace in English is a former Royal Palace that now serves Germany as the seat of the President.

Home of the President

Unfortunately my iPhone Six Plus decided to develop a camera fault at the precise time I came to this location meaning I could not get a single decent pic. So much for reliability eh Steve Jobs!

Coming up soon…

Join me in part 4.

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