Berlin, Germany


03 August 2017

Part 2

Having been wowed by Humboldt University and the surrounding buildings built up quite an appetite. Naturally this called for a gelato and luckily for me there happened to be a cafe selling one nearby.

Chocolate gelato anyone?

Interestingly the eis (German for ice cream) was only EUR 1.90!! Ridiculous especially as it’s rare to get a decent ice cream in the UK for less than £3.00 -£4.00!

Eis in hand off I went down the road and ventured to the next stop on my tourist map which was the Berlin Konzerthaus.

Berlin Konzerthaus towering over the square

As the picture shows the Konzerthaus was just full of tourists snapping pictures and enjoying the towering sight of the building over Gendarmenmarktz made it a picture worthy monument.

A quick google search at the venue revealed that its original purpose as a theatre in then Prussia and the journey to becoming the seat for the Berlin Symphony Orchestra.

The sight of the red carpet was just a classy touch to the building.

Next stop on the map was Brandenburg Gate. Off I went down the street excited to see Berlin’s most famous landmark.

Throwback to ye olde days on the way to the Brandenburg Gate

Maybe it was me but I just was not expecting to see a horse and carriage in Germany, maybe my mind refuses to match German efficiency with old modes of transport. Oddly enough this reminded me of the opening credits of Cheers.

Iconic image

The Brandenburg Gate. The pictures in the tour guide do not do justice to this monument. Rarely have I enjoyed a location more than the Brandenburg Gate. What I liked about this area particularly is that it has been developed with the focus of the Gate in mind, the modern buildings blend with the surrounding old buildings seamlessly…

Coming soon

Part 3 and the conclusion of the trip.

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