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The romance of flight

Do you enjoy flying or is it just a form of transportation to get you from A to B?

Before the modern aviation boom, flying was seen more than a mode of transportation.

This was during the golden age of flight where getting on an aircraft was just the start of an experience!


Dining in the sky

Airlines focused on giving their customers a 5 star service from the ground to the air.

7 course meals, expensive champagne and real china with real cutlery. Passengers were essentially treated a restaurant experience in the sky.

Why isn’t flying like this now?

As flying became more affordable for the masses airlines had to evolve their early business models with a focus on profitability. As planes grew larger, expenses and overheads also grew.

In-order to keep flying profitable, business models evolved to target consumers with varying levels of income with emphasis on maximising profits.

Therefore the luxury of flying as above evolved into what is now the modern First Class cabin.

Sure if you can afford to spend thousands of pounds/dollar/euros then you can get a similar experience to the early golden age but for the majority this isn’t an option.

Back to the present…

The introduction of the economy cabin changed the dynamic of flying for the majority. No longer was flying seen as a luxury and became a commodity.

Airlines now viewed passengers as commodities and diluted the on board experience under the guise of profit margins and load factors.

The advent of low-cost carriers over the past 20 years has all but eliminated the flight experience in short haul routes within Europe. Even the premium cabins for Euro routes have suffered.


Sure flying has changed. People are flying more than ever. Premium product on board is constantly evolving for those willing to pay the price. In reality for the majority flying will only be a route to get from A to B.

Is this a bad thing? Only time will tell…

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  1. Lori M.

    I used to love flying. I loved the feeling of take off. The feeling when it’s a cloudy day and you pass through the clouds and then come into the sunlight. I loved looking down and seeing our tiny world from miles above. It’s such an amazing experience. But then one terrifying trip over the Atlantic changed that for me. I had flown over 30 times at least prior to this. Longer flights also. Even across the Atlantic. But we hit some nasty turbulence, and the pilot got us out of it the way they are taught to. But I wasn’t aware of this and it scared me when he took a nose dive. I didn’t think I would ever fly again. I was so scared. All my dreams of seeing the world were gone then in an instant. But I decided to go again, across the Atlantic, every little shake had my heart beating quickly. I just wanted to land. I just wanted to be on the ground again. Thankfully we made it no problem. I went on another trip across the ocean after that as well. So it’s become easier. But the longer flights is what kills me. 12 hours. I had something happen to my tail bone 8 years ago and so sitting is very uncomfortable. And I’m getting older(ripe old age of 32), so my hips are aching more. After sitting for 12 hours and another 5 for a trip to India, my hips and tailbone and knee (yes, knee problems too), couldn’t handle it and it was days before I felt better. I will have to invest in one of those cushions if I want to continue flying economy. And I’m a very shy person, an introvert, so the thought of being beside someone I don’t know for that length of time almost causes an anxiety attack. But I’ve had great experiences with seat mates. So thankfully it’s been alright, hopefully they can say the same about me.

    It might sound like a lot of complaining, but at this point, flying is just point A to point B. I am happy with the onboard entertainment, and I don’t mind the meals at all. The staff have always been very friendly and courteous. I’ve never had issues like that. I’ve had to wait on the tarmac for hours, but I get things happen. And I still love the feeling as you soar above the clouds and see everything from a perspective you’d never would have seen a hundred years ago.

    • Hgill68

      I’m sorry to hear the anxiety caused from the bad experience in the past. We are all different but a fear of flying course to understand the procedures pilots do in those situations will be helpful. I’m a former pilot so I enjoy flying a lot more than the next person.

      Flying in economy can be an experience but the airlines aren’t helping in playing their part. A lot of cuts are focused firstly at economy passengers, seats should be comfortable for ultra long haul flights which is disappointing. Collecting airmiles allowed me to reach the premium cabins that are otherwise out of reach which does go a long way to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

  2. This post was an awesome read! I really enjoyed reading it!

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