And at the stroke of midnight today my Executive Club year ends!

What does this mean? All the tier points I collected up to this date for the last 365 days reset to zero.

It’s been a lean year for tier points but done well on the Avios with 34k compared to 20 tier points.

What are Tier Points?

Every time I fly BA or a partner airline Tier Points are earned. These points determine your level with the frequent flyer programme. So the more you fly the more tier points you’ll collect in addition to Avios airmiles.

Earning More Tier Points?

The easiest way to earn more tier points is to fly longer routes in Business or First class.

For example flying Club World/Business Class from London Heathrow to Hong Kong gets you the following number tier points:

The Avios Calculator on the BA website is the best place to determine the number of Tier Point each route gets. BA Avios Calculator

What’s the point of these Tier Points?

Well the number of points you collect will determine your status within the Executive Club.

There are 4 tiers to the Executive Club:

  1. Blue – entry level to new members;
  2. Bronze – 300 points;
  3. Silver – 600 tier points;
  4. Gold – 1500 tier points.
Back to my story

So my year ends and I’m back to zero and remain BA Exec Club Blue.

Not for long though, in a few weeks I’ll be starting my Tier Point challenge to collect 1500 and reach Gold.

So going back to zero isn’t a big deal, it just signals time to get serious and start the traveling.

Now let’s get ready for Istanbul!!!!