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One morning in Berlin (Part 1)


Berlin, Germany


03 August 2017


Park Inn, Alexanderplatz

Berlin to me is one of the special places in this world. Growing up I learnt German which meant frequent school trips to Germany. Wandering around Berlin at the age of 13 was one hell of an cultural experience.

17 years later I decided to revisit Berlin.

I chose the Park Inn at Alexanderplatz due to the proximity with the Berlin TV Tower (it was directly opposite). Why? Because I can still remember the awesome views from my childhood from the top of the tower and it was a part of Berlin I can still recall.

TV Tower standing proud with an awesome blue summer sky

After checking in I grabbed the tourist information map and wandered out into Berlin and set off down Unter Den Linden.

At the moment Berlin is undergoing a massive urban renewal, a new underground line is being built, which meant cranes and pipes carrying concrete ruined the views of the historic buildings nearby.

First stop on the tour was the Berliner Dom.

Berliner Dom

The Dom surrounds a big open green space, downsides of which are the amount of dogs that were wandering around looking for victims to pounce upon (the fear of dogs is real).

With that I set off past the construction work and wandered into the Humboldt University area.

Humboldt University

On first glance it just looks stunning but the most noteworthy discovery is that the buildings around here have been reconstructed from the damage recieved from World War 2 bombs by the British!!

I hadn’t even ventured far from my hotel yet had already seen so much!!

Coming soon part 2

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  1. Berlin is truly amazing. I’ve been there recently and it rocks! What are your highlights from there?

    • Hgill68

      It does rock! The food was a bit of a let down but on the plus point the beer was too good. My highlights were the Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate for the stunning architecture and historical significance of the buildings. What did yo enjoy about the city?

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