My friends and family like to ask “what’s the point of using your Amex to buy milk?”

The answer is simple… this little plastic brings Avios and importantly lots of it!


Ah yes Avios. Avios is the name of the currency used by British Airways. Avios can be used to book flights for free (paying taxes only) or upgrading bookings with a mix of cash and Avios.

What did people do before the branded cards?

The only way to earn the Air-Miles was to just fly!

British Airways and American Express partnership?

Nowadays you don’t even NEED to fly to collect Avios, you sign up to the card and spend.

Best of all? The card comes with huge bonuses with minimum spending requirements.

When I signed up to the free BA Amex I got 9,000 Avios but there have been bonuses of 25,000 in the past (if you’re lucky).

Grow your Avios Balance

Use the card when it arrives in place of your debit card. It’s as simple as that.

Most importantly, if you are sensible with NOT running a balance on the credit card then it will work fine (running a balance on these cards is a no no!)

Don’t I need to be rich to have an American Express?

Not really…

So I can use this card and fly Business Class?

Once your Avios balance has grown into a monster, log into the Executive Club and redeem towards the destination of your choice.

Then sit back back in Club World or Business Class cabins of partner airlines and sip that well earned champagne!


Referring new people to card provides you with another point earning stream, go find your friends and family to sign up!

This is the Holy Grail of growing the Avios Balance!

Follow the link below and earn bonuses from my referral link:

BA American Express Card

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(Image credit British Airways and American Express).

The views in the post are of my own and I have not been paid to endorse BA or Amex.